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scalp micropigmentation

for alopecia


Alopecia takes many forms. For the purpose of this explanation, we exclude androgenetic alopecia (standard pattern hair loss). I’m actually referring to abnormal forms such as alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis and many other forms of the condition.


Scalp Micropigmentation can beused to make affected parts of the scalp look like unaffected parts, or in the case of total hair loss, scalp micropigmentation can even recreate an entire head of hair. 

treatment of alopecia

Alopecia in all it's different forms can have a huge impact on a persons self esteem and hugely affect their quality of life. 

Scalp Micropigmentation is the only option available (other than wigs and hair pieces) that can provide guaranteed results.

Unlike many other methods, Scalp Micopigmentation does not attempt to cure alopecia, instead it camouflages it's symptoms effectively concealing the effects of alopecia.

SMP can provide those suffering the effects of alopecia with a much needed confidence boost. 

Looking at alopecia areata as the main form of alopecia (followed by alopecia totalis). The condition manifests as round bald patches on the scalp which may change shape, size or position as time progresses. It can become aggressive and cause the loss of all head hair, at which point the condition is referred to as alopecia totalis.


Due to the irregularity of the areas affected it's recommended that the whole head be treated.


If the symptoms reside, the client can still grow their natural hair back, provided the frontal hairline is at least as far forward as the treatment area.

Due to most alopecia sufferers requiring a full head treatment sessions can be long (between 5-7 hours) and will require 3-4 sessions. 

Hairline design including neckline and area around ears will be discussed and agreed at each stage with any adjustments required carried out at each session to give you the most natural looking hair line possible.


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