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scalp micropigmentation

for men


Scalp MicroPigmentation is ideal for 4 distinct groups of people and is the only hair loss solution the give guaranteed results

  • Those who are losing OR who have lost their hair.

  • Those suffering from one of the many forms of alopecia

  • Those who lack sufficient hair density following a hair transplant procedure (FUE & FUT)

  • Those with hair transplant scars (or scars in general)

GEneral hairloss

Around 85% of men will experience some form of hairloss by the age of 50. Generally known as male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia this is the most typical form of hairloss in men as they age.

The extent of the hairloss can be measured on the Norwood Hamilton Scale.

norwood 1.png

There are currently many treatments for hair loss including shampoos and solutions, hair transplants an hair systems as well as SMP. With so much choice deciding on the right treatment can be daunting.

Quite often Scalp Micropigmentation is seen as the last resort and something people turn to after other treatments and solutions have failed.

Many hair transplants do not give the client the results they wanted leaving the hair looking limp and thin.

Hair systems are an expensive on going cost and can be a lot of effort to care and look after.


Scalp Micropigmentation gives the results you want to your specification with very minimal aftercare and ongoing maintenance.

Most clients would need a full head treatment, this means the entire top of the head and blending into the sides and 'horseshoe' area at the back of the head.

If you look at the Norwood Hamilton Scale, most clients from a Norwood IV would require the full head treatment, even if they have a substantial amount of hair remaining. The reasons for this is the upper crown area needs to have the density increased through the SMP treatment so the top can blend perfectly with the sides and back of the head.

Natural hairlines are created from your requirements with guidance on what best will suit your look and age. Whether it's a natural hairline, receding hairline, a sharp distinct hairline, it's your choice. We will work together and advise along the way to give you the best end result possible. Your chosen look should be appropriate to your age, as natural is the key to a successful treatment.

Hair Density and thinning

What do we mean by thinning hair?

We get a lot of enquiries from men that want the treatment but keep existing hair a longer length. This is possible in some circumstances.

Thinning hair means exactly that. You still have a majority of hair coverage across the head but the scalp is easily visible. This doesn't include large bald areas with surrounding hair.

It is important to remember this treatment is two dimensional and if treatment was applied to a large area and hair kept at length elsewhere, it wouldn't create a natural effect and would be obvious.

The beauty of hair density filling is it creates the illusion of thicker fuller hair and best of all you don't need to shave the hair for the treatment.

Examples of thinning hair that SMP would work for:

thinning 2.jpg
thinning 1.jpg

An example of thinning hair that SMP cannot work for as the area is too large and treatment would be obvious:

bald spot 1.jpg

Our pigment is designed within the same spectrum of a grey-wash monochromatic dilution colour scale to achieve the most realistic finish that best matches with your existing hair follicle. Our carbon based organic pigment can be used to treat clients of very pale complexion to extremely dark skin tones. This colour scale allows us to treat clients with red hair, blonde hair or clients with grey or white hair.

Important notes

If you choose scalp micropigmentation to treat your hair loss, I can say with confidence that the procedure will drastically change the quality of your life. Following a successful treatment, you will feel much more confident and happier in general, improvements that can impact every other aspect of your life: your relationships, your social life and your work attitude will all improve.


There are a lot of benefits that you can enjoy when your hair is back where you wish it should have stayed from the very beginning.

It would be nice if money would be irrelevant in this whole story. But in a world where people see an opportunity to make money quickly and easily, it can leave you exposed to certain rogue traders. This is what makes the cost of your scalp micropigmentation procedure a serious consideration.

Searching around for a cheap treatment is not the answer as low prices often spell danger and should be approached with caution.


Although that being said, discounted prices are common amongst clinics.

If for any reason you can't find information covered elsewhere within the website, please fell free to contact us and we will do our best to give advice and honest answers.


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