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scalp micropigmentation

for women


Hair loss in women is a subject that is rarely touched upon but something that can affect a large number of women. As with men it can affect certain groups on individuals.

  • Those who are losing their hair/thinning hair

  • Those suffering from one of the many forms of alopecia

  • Those with scarring to the head 

General Hairloss

Around 40% of women will experience some form of hairloss by the age of 50. 

Hairloss in women is known as female pattern baldness or androgentic alopecia. Female pattern baldness can be measured on the Ludwig Scale.


The hairloss is very similar to male pattern baldness, but occurs in a different pattern to men, often with the hair becoming thinner from the middle outwards. It is common and normal in women especially as they age.

Hair loss in women is hereditary with a majority of women (up to two-thirds) experiencing hair loss after the menopause.

Of course it's not just age that can be a factor. Alopecia, pregnancy, medications, surgery, illness and even years of hair abuse from tight hairstyles, extensions and use of dyes can all have an impact on hair loss.

Scalp Micropigmentation can help disguise the hairloss by having the pigment placed under the existing hair helping to create a fuller, thicker and most of all: a natural look that is undetectable.


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