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scalp micropigmentation

without shaving your head



Can I keep my hair long?


This is a one of the most common questions asked by potential client, which i briefly covered in the SMP for men section.

People recognise the benefit of scalp micropigmentation, but don't like the idea of shaving their head, so they want to know if they can keep their hair longer and still have the treatment.

Longer hair and smp

Scalp Micropigmentation was not designed to work with long hair. No matter how much you might want to keep it longer, or how uncomfortable you might be with shaving your hair down, you’re asking the SMP process to do something that it was not designed to do. 

There are however circumstances where longer hair and scalp micropigmentation CAN work together, which i will come to shortly.

The reason it cannot work together in most circumstances is hair is three dimensional and the SMP is two dimensional, with hair looking like a series of lines and the SMP a series of dots. The two do not mix easily and up close the treatment would clearly stand out.

Those with substantial hair loss around the crown area, frontal hairline recessions and/or side profiles will almost in all circumstances need to keep their hair short after SMP treatment.


The same also applies to those suffering from Alopecia Areata for obvious reasons, there are also limitations for those with larger scarring from FUT transplants, for example. 

The best candidates for the combination are those with intact hairlines and diffused thinning (an overall loss of hair density), with a decent covering of the crown area too. Those with receding hairlines but overall density elsewhere are also great candidates as long as they don't expect the treatment to go outside the existing hairline, at which point you would have to shave the rest of the head.  as below:

thinning 2.jpg
thinning 1.jpg

Below are a couple of examples of a clients I wouldn't have personally recommended to keep the hair length, although in the picture and from a distance it doesn't look too bad, up close and in person this wouldn't be a great effect.

bald spot.png
bald spot 2.jpg

Of course women with longer hair and some hair loss are also usually ideal for this through density filling.

There are some providers that will say that it can be done on some potential clients and genuinely believe that the treatment will work and more than likely win the business. I agree to a certain extent some candidates will be able to have the treatment but i don't think it works for as many as some providers may lead you to believe.

The aim of Scalp Micropigmentation is to look 100% natural, to have realistic expectations of the outcome of the treatment. 

If you would like an honest opinion and are unsure if you are suitable then please email and ask the question and I'll give my honest advice on what I believe can be done. 


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