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treatment cost & payment

If you decide to go ahead with treatment we take a small non refundable deposit to secure the booking. A secure payment link will be sent to you via email or text message for payment or alternatively payment can be made by bank transfer.

The rest of the treatment will be split across all sessions. Price breakdown will be agreed upon consultation.

Payment for each session can be in cash, via card or bank transfer, whatever you prefer to use.

cost of treatment 

Due to the varying degree of hair loss from person to person, there are no set fees for treatment. Each quotation is personalised to suit the persons requirements. 

The cost of treatment will be determined during the free consultation with us. Whether that's via email, telephone or in person.

Online consultations whether this is via email or video call will require pictures of the hair loss to give an accurate quotation. All pictures are treated as confidential and will be deleted once the consultation has taken place.

To give an indication of our treatment costs, our prices range from £400 up to £2000, depending with the lower end of the price bracket being for smaller areas of hair loss and the higher end being full head treatments such as alopecia totalis.


Discounts will sometimes be on offer for allowing us to use your head shots for social media and advertising purposes. These will normally be advertised.


Remember to consider other factors that affect the overall cost.


Travel costs to each treatment and accommodation, if required.

Ongoing maintenance costs:

Fading will occur over the course of years generally and you may need to visit the clinic once every 3-6 years on average.

The cost of an SMP top up, where the original treatment was completed at Scalp FX is set at £250.


For a top up of treatment that was completed at other clinics, price may vary as quality of treatment will need to be checked and a quote provided after consultation.


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